Platform 9 3/4

The bustling station of Kings Cross is home to one of the most magical places for all Hogwarts students… Platform 9 3/4. With the start of a new year, these two students finally see the magic that will await them once again at Hogwarts, as they gear up for their final year. Last minute parchment and potions might be stocked in those bags, but they will still find a way to get maybe a little bit of trouble this school year.

Check out my new post for the Wizarding Faire 2020 by Mischief Managed.


Benjamin : Sari-Sari – Luggage Cart
Honey : -Space Cadet- Lois (Modified Left Arm for Pose)

Benjamin’s Style

Modulus – Douglas Hair Left
OrangePekoe – Slim uniform pants – Dark grey [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
OrangePekoe – Tie (B) over shirt #4 [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
Orange*Pekoe – Uniform hoodie (long sleeves) [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
[ kunst ] – Ares bracelet / M (left)
[Deadwool] Oxford shoes – Jake – black – R

My Style

Astralia – My secret magic life [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
comet. + Ice cream hat + {lion} [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
Nishi: Lamia Wand (Special) [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
Tableau Vivant \ Neowise [Editorial] – Fades
Wednesday[+] ~ Wizard Single Earring – GOLD [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]
[CoD!] “Bun” Loose Socks (Maitreya)
[CoD!] “Bun” School Loafers (Maitreya) BROWN

Scene [Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020]

DISORDERLY. / Potion Study / Book Pile
DRD – Elixer Emporium – Potion Cart
Foxwood – Floofy Kitty – Dark
Foxwood – Moon Cauldron
Granola. Harry’s Buttery Beer Dispenser – Red/Yellow.
Granola. Harry’s Buttery Beer Display Glass.
Sari-Sari – Luggage Cart
Sari-Sari – Porter’s Trolley
Second Spaces – Gamekeeper Clutter – ceiling rack1
Second Spaces – Gamekeeper Clutter – ceiling rack2
Second Spaces – Gamekeeper Clutter – indoor
Second Spaces – Gamekeeper Clutter – outdoor

Other Scene Items

DISORDERLY. / Book Magic / Magical Birdcage
DISORDERLY. / Book Magic / Magical Suitcase
DISORDERLY. / Caged Hearts / Dark Wood / Stand / Closed
DISORDERLY. / Paper Magic / EXTRA / Sparkles
DISORDERLY. / Witchy Spring / Globe
Kalopsia – Flying Paper
SPELL : Harry’s Trolley – RARE

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