I’m taking back the crown…

New post featuring DRD's newest release available at Necrotize.Rigged for Maitreya, Legacy, SLink and BellezaFemales only for now, Male sizes to come.Comes with a Hud with 12 different styles , blood or no blood option. Arms are Modifiable (Left Arm was Modified so only the Right Arm would appear) Arm featured : Dark Night Metal with… Continue reading I’m taking back the crown…

Fall Sunsets

New Post featuring Space Cadet for Harajuku and Vinyl for Mainstore & Uber. Pose -space cadet- Jackie (Pack 11) [Available @ Harajuku] My Style Stealthic - Mayhem VINYL - Hot Cocoa Top [Available @ Mainstore]VINYL - Donut Belt [Available @ Uber]VINYL - Donut Denim Shorts [Available @ Uber]VINYL - Jelly Leggings [Available @ Uber] Scene… Continue reading Fall Sunsets

Steampunk Hallows Eve

New Post featuring Space Cadet for Harajuku. Pose -Space Cadet- Vera (Pack 11) [Available @ Harajuku] My Style Hair : Stealthic - Mayhem Top : Luas & BJK Mechanical Girl Bra GreenSkirt : Luas & BJK Mechanical Girl Dress GreenNecklace : PFC~Trapped Soul - F

Tortured Souls

New Post Featuring Sorumin, Avi-Glam, and Insomnia Angel for Satan's Inc. 🦇Satan Inc. Opening October 13th @2PM SLT🦇 }Novel Events{ presents the most exciting Halloween Event! 🖤 Beside the unique gifting system, a new feature has been introduced: "Trick" and "Treat" Mystery Boxes! 🖤 Our amazing designers split in two teams and each mystery Box… Continue reading Tortured Souls