New Post featuring Thor, Comet, Jinx, Random Matter, Hextraordinary, Clover, and Nishi for Wizarding Faire.As Honey made it to her first class, Creatures, she found herself in an unusual predicament. The room exploded in a bunch of different sized bubbles, floating and encasing random creatures in bubbles as well as some of her classmates school… Continue reading Bubbles

All the right feels…

New post featuring Space Cadet and Ladybird for a Mainstore Collaboration.Stop by the Space Cadet or Ladybird Mainstore and grab this beautiful bento pose (and those hickies if you haven't already) to use together! Pose -Space Cadet- make me feel My Style Hickies : Ladybird. // Inner Thigh Hickies Scene Bed : Stockholm&Lima:Better With You… Continue reading All the right feels…

All moved in and ready for their new year, Honey and Novaleigh take a moment to take a breathe. New uniforms and new dormitory beds, each one of them welcomed the new year with open arms. Most of the items pictured above are available at Wizarding Faire My Style Hair : Magika - Hair -… Continue reading


New post featuring Ionic for Equal 10. My Style Eyeshadow : WarPaint* Tropics liner - summer nights [Available @ July Round of Anthem]Eyelashes : WarPaint* Eydis lashes [Available @ Uber]Hair : Magika - Hair - MidnightDress : Ricielli - Becky Dress Scene Patio De Colorines Gacha at Equal 10ionic : El patio y las plantas… Continue reading Oasis

Desert Affairs

New post featuring Ionic for Equal 10 and Sari-Sari for Anthem. Scene Patio De Colorines Gacha at Equal 10ionic : Agua de verano LI:3ionic : Cactus lunas y elementos (Poster) LI:5ionic : Formitas en la pared (Coral) LI:8ionic : Formitas en la pared (Crema) LI:4ionic : Gazebo de Bambu LI:23ionic : La mesa bajita (Granito… Continue reading Desert Affairs


You would not believe your eyesIf ten million firefliesLit up the world as I fell asleep'Cause they fill the open airAnd leave teardrops everywhereYou'd think me rude but I would just stand and stareI'd like to make myself believe that planet earth turns slowlyIt's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep'Cause… Continue reading Fireflies