About Honey

Nᴏ Tᴀʟᴋ

“Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost” – J. R. R. Tolkien

Amateur Adventurer | Patronus Castor | Elephant Lover | Prehistoric Stone Time Traveler | Interior Designer With a Passion

Honey is an eccentric Jersey girl, spreading her love of pork roll, egg and cheese in her new relocated state, Florida. Honey loves the structure and logic of design; taking comfort in solving complex problems and finding alternative views in every space and in life. Hence, her real life job as an interior designer. She has slowly crept herself into the blogging community, enjoying her time finding ways to best take a new photo and exploring new techniques. When Honey isn’t blogging or with her friends, you can see her working on her skills to become the quickest burrito creator ever… or role-playing at Mischief Managed or Dancing at Nuit.

Contact me inworld at : Honey Vanilla