Fireside Romance

New Post featuring Space Cadet for Flourish and Tarte. for N21 and C88.

This post is a special for me because it is my one year anniversary with my Babby, Nirea. She has meant the world to me since I met her. Always caring and giving to the relationship, and honestly the best person anyone could have be in their life, whether in sl or rl. Babbycakes, I love you most. Thank you for always being my shining star in a sky of bleak ones.


space cadet – deep [Available @ Flourish]

My Style

Earmuffs : =Zenith=Heart earmuffs (Grey)
Hair : DOUX – Jennie Hairstyle
Scarf : Mikunch / oneloop muffler
Shirt : Pseudo- Sevigny Blouse Lara White
Jeans : RKKN. Tay’s Jeans Stonewash


Pillow : .:revival:. strapped pillow
Bench : .:revival:. round bench dark
Blanket : .:revival:. blanket to go ‘plaid’
Marshmellow : .:revival:. bucket of marshmallows
Sticks : .:revival:. marshmallows
Heater : DJ / SF Patio Heater – Black
Shrubs : tarte. lighted shrub [Available @ Collabor 88]
Firelights : tarte. fairy light letter [Available @ N21]
Wine Glass : .:YN:. Glass of wine
Wine Bottle : .:YN:.Wine bottle

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