Desert Affairs

New post featuring Ionic for Equal 10 and Sari-Sari for Anthem.


Patio De Colorines Gacha at Equal 10
ionic : Agua de verano LI:3
ionic : Cactus lunas y elementos (Poster) LI:5
ionic : Formitas en la pared (Coral) LI:8
ionic : Formitas en la pared (Crema) LI:4
ionic : Gazebo de Bambu LI:23
ionic : La mesa bajita (Granito y bordados) LI:6
ionic : La mesa bajita (Madera y blanco) LI:6
ionic : La pared del patio (Azul) LI:8
ionic : La sandia fresquita LI:3
ionic : Las plantitas del patio LI:8
ionic : Nachos para picar LI:4
ionic : Polos de yogur y frutas LI:5

Missing Rare Patio De Colorines Item and Lapared del patio in Coral color.
Please check full gacha here.

Sari-Sari Tuka Beach Hut at Anthem (July Round)
The Tuka Beach Hut, inspired by the bamboo huts made locally by Filipino carpenters using sustainable materials and designed to withstand typhoons.”Tuka” means beak, and it is the shape of the roof and walls of the hut.
10x5x7 meters, 18 LI, original mesh and textures, copy/mod

Remaining Items in Scene

-Garden- by anc “wind garden”pampas grass{gold} 1Li LI:1
..::THOR::.. Italian Clay Pot Capped LI:2
..::THOR::.. Italian Clay Pot L LI:1
..::THOR::.. Tin Cup Candle LI:2
.:revival:. anna basket 2 LI:2
.:revival:. art box LI:1
.:revival:. bamboo lantern I light LI:4
.:revival:. bamboo lantern II light LI:3
.:revival:. basic room divider LI:5
.:revival:. bath mat LI:14
.:revival:. beach bag II LI:3
.:revival:. beach logs LI:3
.:revival:. book pile & candle 1 LI:3
.:revival:. book pile & candle 2 LI:3
.:revival:. isi stool linen LI:3
.:revival:. moroccan pouf naturals – ADULT LI:3
.:revival:. padded stool LI:3
.:revival:. pottery & sand LI:3
.:revival:. rattan ottoman large LI:5
.:revival:. scrapbook LI:1
.:revival:. sisal rug LI:4
.:revival:. wood light drop L LI:3
.:revival:. wood light drop M LI:3
Nutmeg. Seashore Canopy LI:12
Nutmeg. Seashore Pallet & Pillows Adult LI:10
Nutmeg. Seashore Pitcher LI:4
Nutmeg. Seaside Calm Bag LI:5
Skye Beach Grass LI:2
Skye Pebble Beach Grassy Ground Solid LI:1
Skye Pebble Beach Rock LI:4
[we’re CLOSED] shrub large bare LI:1
[we’re CLOSED] tree 01D bare LI:2
ionic : Laundry basket & table LI:4
ionic : May Sofa LI:5
ionic : Outdoor Tree Lamp LI:7
ionic : Tortilla de Patatas LI:4
ionic : Veggie Bbq LI:7
ionic : Wooden towel rail LI:3

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