A Break from the Noise…

New Post featuring Pity Party, Gloom., S0NG, & Makokoi for The Epiphany, July Round. As well as Hive‘s June Kustom9 Vacation Vibes, Sandals.


FOXCITY. Riviera 2

My Style

Skin : { Pity Party } Summer Fae Bubbles Tone { Porcelain} [Available @ Epiphany July Round]
Blush : Gloom. – Ancient Dreams – Blush – New Genaration [Available @ Epiphany July Round]
Eyes : {S0NG} :: Mesh Eyes [Spectra Eyes Collection] [Available @ Epiphany July Round]
Earrings : =Zenith=Tilda Earring (All) – RARE [Available @ Kustom9]
Swimsuit : =Zenith=Tilda Swim wear (All) -RARE [Available @ Kustom9]
Hair : DOUX – Becca Hairstyle
Sandals : hive // vacation vibes . sandals . hold L
Drink : Makokoi . Eloisa’s Sweet Sips . 5. Berry Milk [Available @ Epiphany July Round]


(luc) Kokedama, Hanging Orchid (Low LOD) LI:2
(luc) Kokedama, Lucky Plant LI:1
(luc) Kokedama, Unusual Growth LI:3
CONCEPT} 07. Summer Days. Rope Lamp B LI:3 [Available @ Kustom9]
CONCEPT} 09. Summer Days. Pouf LI:3 [Available @ Kustom9]
Dahlia – Soft Serve – Vanilla Ice Cream – Dispenser LI:1 [Available @ Kustom9]
FOXCITY. Photo Booth – Riviera (With Surround) (Rez) LI:44
FOXCITY. Prop – Iron Table & Stool (Rez) LI:2
FOXCITY. Riviera-7m Prop – Book (Wear) LI:2
Foxwood – Little Dachshund – Sit LI:1 [Available @ Kustom9]
Makokoi . Eloisa’s Sweet Sips . 1. Cherry Juice LI:1 [Available @ Epiphany July Round]
Mithral * Vine Shelf w/ Watering Can (Pack A) LI:16 [Available @ Kustom9]
Nutmeg. Serene Poolside Her Flip Flops Bonus LI:1 [Available @ Kustom9]
Nutmeg. Serene Poolside Orange Juice Bonus LI:1 [Available @ Kustom9]
Nutmeg. Serene Poolside Towel Basket LI:3 [Available @ Kustom9]
SEmotion Libellune Macaw Parrot #5 LI:155
box) -Garden- by anc {waterside iris} for yellow LI:1 [Available @ Kustom9]
box) -Garden- by anc {waterside iris} yellow white 4Li LI:3 [Available @ Kustom9]
box) -Garden- by anc {waterside iris}pink 4Li LI:3 [Available @ Kustom9]
dust bunny . hanging plants . double planter LI:5
dust bunny . hanging plants . ivy planter LI:3
dust bunny . lemon plants . potted tree . small LI:1
dust bunny . macrame room divider . natural LI:4
hive // bird of paradise plant v1 LI:2

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