Dutch Holiday

New Post featuring Cheezu, Hextraordinary, Infiniti, & Tabou for Epiphany, as well as Space Cadet for Flourish & Lucas Lameth for N21.


– space cadet – invincible (With Cement Wall) [Available @ Flourish]

My Style

Hair : Doux – Taiane
Glasses : cheezu. classic glasses
Outfit : cheezu. feel something : RARE [Available @ The Epiphany]
Birb : Foxwood – Sweet Pea – Sweet


(Luc.) Bowl of Ice-Cream, ChocSyrup V1 [Available @ N21]
(Luc.) Chocolate Syrup [Available @ N21]
(Luc.) Glass with Spoons [Available @ N21]
(Luc.) Ice-Cream Cone, Choc Syrup [Available @ N21]
(Luc.) Strawberry Syrup [Available @ N21]
(Luc.) Tub of Ice-Cream, Closed [Available @ N21]
(Luc.) Tub of Ice-Cream, Open [Available @ N21]
HEXtraordinary Pomsky Pal Wanderer – Blonde [Available @ The Epiphany]
HEXtraordinary Propeller Pal Pomsky Wanderer [Available @ The Epiphany]
. Infiniti . – Paper Lanterns – Scattered Extras – ADD {6}
TABOU. Plates stack [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Beer in ice bucket – RARE [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Bread Korb [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Lemons [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Mustard+ Ketchup [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Pergola+ Ivy [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Potato Plate [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Salad on cut board [Available @ The Epiphany]
TABOU. Wooden Plate Grill – RARE [Available @ The Epiphany]

Other Scene

alirium DwarfForest [OldGold]
dust bunny . sunday buffet . place setting LI:1
dust bunny . sunday buffet . placecard holder . gold LI:2
dust bunny . sunday buffet . seat cushions . style a LI:2
dust bunny . sunday buffet . table LI:5
dust bunny . sunday buffet . woven pouf LI:1
Foxwood – Sweet Pea – Watermelon (decor) LI:1
Foxwood – Sweet Pea – Icecream (decor) LI:1
Foxwood – Sweet Pea – Tropical (decor) LI:1
Foxwood – Sweet Pea – mint (decor) LI:1
Junk Food – Chicken Parm Bowl Rez LI:5

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