Queen Bee

New Post featuring Space Cadet for N21 and Random.Matter. for Kustom9.

Pack 14 by Space Cadet is available at N21 with 5 different poses with both breathing and static poses. These poses are great for your AO or even for a photo!

The Kaya ears from Random.Matter. come in both Human and Elfie versions and both include a HUD with 14 default skin tones with color picker, 13 gem and 4 metal options. The lobe piercings (as always) are removable.

Get a more close up view in this ad.


– Space Cadet – Thea (Part of Pack 14) [Available @ N21]

My Style

Tattoo : Ladybird. // Blossom – Chest & Arm Honeycomb
Tattoo II : witchie // honeybee full tattoo
Honey : -[TWC]- Honey Honey
Crown : -Sorumin- Elf harmony CROWN
Elf Ears : .random.Matter. – Kaya – Elfie Ears [Available @ Kustom9]
Glasses : cheezu. classic glasses : large
Wings : HARO Wasp Wings
Antennas : lock&tuft x dovely / ANTENNAS
Hair : Magika – Hair – Lydia

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