Holidays with Grandma

New post featuring Random Matter for Kustom 9 & Epiphany.

The first part of the Holiday with Grandma collection is the TV, Radiator and Knitting Basket. The Radiators are available in Black and White and both include yellow, brown and green sock versions. The TV comes in Black, Red, Yellow and Green and also included is the TV without the stand attached. Just in case you like that kinda thing.

The first part of the Okay Holiday is the Trash Tree…nothing screams joyous contribution to a capitalist-driven stolen holiday quite like grounding a tree limb in concrete, forcing it to take on the artificial scent of its forefathers, binding it in flamboyant strings of light and then topping it with the frivolities of your evening. It also doubles as an ashtray or a paperweight if those are what you desire.


.random.Matter. – Orange Garland – Basket [White] LI:1
.random.Matter. – Orange Garland – Dried Oranges LI:1
.random.Matter. – Orange Garland – Garland i LI:1
.random.Matter. – Orange Garland – Garland ii LI:3
.random.Matter. – Orange Garland – Thread LI:1
.random.Matter. – Holiday with Grandma – Knitting Basket LI:1
.random.Matter. – Holiday with Grandma – Radiator [W] [G] LI:2
.random.Matter. – Holiday with Grandma – TV [B] LI:2
andom.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Telescope [Gold] LI:2
.random.Matter. – Okay Holiday – Trash Tree LI:2

Other Scene

.random.Matter. – A Simple Treat – Chai Tea [Green] LI:2
.random.Matter. – A Simple Treat – Cinnamon Roll LI:1
.random.Matter. – Antique Shop II – Sewing Kit LI:1
.random.Matter. – By the Fireside – Candles [Center] LI:2
.random.Matter. – By the Fireside – Candles [Left] LI:2
.random.Matter. – By the Fireside – Garland LI:3
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Book Stack EXCLUSIVE LI:1
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Globe LI:2
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Gramophone [Brown] LI:3
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Plant Stand LI:2
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Portrait [Female] LI:2
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – Portrait [Male] LI:8
.random.Matter. – Cabinet of Curiosity – The Room – RARE LI:62
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Bookcase LI:3
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Candelabra [Bronze] LI:3
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Chandelier [Bronze] LI:3
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Chest LI:2
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Ladder LI:1
.random.Matter. – Librarium – Rugs – Green LI:2
.random.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Bed Frame [Gold] LI:3
.random.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Chair [Brown/Green] LI:1
.random.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Frames LI:1
.random.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Jewelry Box LI:1
.random.Matter. – Lost & Forgotten – Telescope [Gold] LI:2
.random.Matter. – Paint It Black – Old Paintings [Waterhouse] LI:1
.random.Matter. – Study Break – Praline Polliwog LI:1
.random.Matter. – Study Break – Textbook LI:1
.random.Matter. – The Watcher – Bird Watching Books LI:2
.random.Matter. – The Watcher – Journal LI:1
.random.Matter. – Yule Blessings – Candle [White] LI:1
.random.Matter. – Yule Blessings – Cookbook LI:1
.random.Matter.- Librarium – Hourglass [Gold] LI:1
Apple Fall Mandrake Plant LI:2
ChiMia:: Marais Coffee Table LI:1

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