That Shot Goes Where?

New Post featuring Loki and KitCat for Epiphany.

My Pose

STUN – Rina 3

My Style

.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Clipboard [Lilac]
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – ID Bracelet [Lilac]
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Surgical Mask [White]
01.Loki – Sweet Medicine GACHA – Nurse Robe – Maitreya – RARE [Available @ Epiphany]
05.Loki – Sweet Medicine GACHA – Lavender Nurse Cap [Available @ Epiphany]
12.Loki – Sweet Medicine GACHA – Lavender Garter – Maitreya [Available @ Epiphany]
19.Loki – Sweet Medicine GACHA – Lilac Nurse Panties – Maitreya [Available @ Epiphany]
28.Loki – Sweet Medicine GACHA – White Stockings – Maitreya [Available @ Epiphany]
DOUX – Laura Hairstyle


KitCat – Sunnin Gacha Cactus Pencil Holder Colors (Decor) LI:1 [Available @ Epiphany]
KitCat – Sunnin Gacha Cactus Pods Closed (Decor) LI:3 [Available @ Epiphany]
KitCat – Sunnin Gacha Diary Book (Decor) LI:4 [Available @ Epiphany]
KitCat – Sunnin Gacha Grass Heart Rug LI:4 [Available @ Epiphany]
KitCat – Sunnin Gacha Strawberry Cushion LI:4 [Available @ Epiphany]
KitCat – Sunnin Gacha Strawberry Cushion Chair LI:5 [Available @ Epiphany]

Other Scene

bbqq-Hospital bed LI:5
bbqq-Hospital room wall LI:3
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Bandages LI:1
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Clipboard [Lilac] LI:1
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – First Aid Kit [Blue] LI:1
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – IV Pole [Blue] – RARE LI:7
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Injectables LI:1
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Pill Bottle LI:1
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Spilt Bandages LI:1
.random.Matter. – Im Okay – Stethoscope [Blue] LI:1
Medical Monitor 1LI textured LI:2
[North Oak] + single counter / 4 drawers – bar LI:2
[North Oak] + sink – bar LI:2
[P.0.E] – Apothecary_Jar_Cotton_Balls LI:1
[P.0.E] – Apothecary_Jar_Cotton_Pads LI:1
[P.0.E] – Apothecary_Jar_Cotton_Swabs LI:1
[P.0.E] – First Aid Kit LI:1
[P.0.E] – Heart Monitor LI:3
[P.0.E] – Medical Waste Container (White) LI:1
[P.0.E] – Surgical Light LI:10
[P.0.E] – Surgical Tray LI:1
[P.0.E] – Towel Dispenser (White) LI:1

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