Ramen Night

New Post featuring Random.Matter‘s Steamy Noods at Ota-Con. Get these great goodies and other great items before the event ends!


Diversion – Delicate

My Style

Sunburn : Jack Spoon. Picnic Days Chest Sunburn+freckles [Available @ Harajuku]
Blush : Jack Spoon. Picnic Days Blush [Available @ Harajuku]
Chest Tattoo : Ladybird. // Etre v2 – Be Cool, Honey Bunny
Hair : DOUX – Ara Hairstyle [Available @ Dubai]
Shirt : :: MOMOCHUU :: Aspyn Top B [White]
Panties : Stories&Co. Harlie High Waist Panties – Yellow / Lara


.random.Matter. – Steamy Noods – Dumplings LI:2 [Available @ Ota-Con]
.random.Matter. – Steamy Noods – Ramen LI:2 [Available @ Ota-Con]
.random.Matter. – Steamy Noods – Rice LI:2 [Available @ Ota-Con]

Other Scene

.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Ramen Stash LI:1
.random.Matter. – Dorm Life – Soju Bottles LI:1
.random.Matter. – Market – Soda Cans LI:1
.random.Matter. – SnackAttack! – Candies LI:1
Apple Fall Potted Agave – Blue Green LI:1
MICHAN – Nomnom Gacha – Bunny Chopsticks (black) LI:1
Nutmeg. Forgotten Library Book Pile LI:5
dust bunny & con . laundry corner . laundry . pile LI:4
dust bunny . unicorn slippers . white . right foot LI:2

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