New Post featuring Thor, Comet, Jinx, Random Matter, Hextraordinary, Clover, and Nishi for Wizarding Faire.

As Honey made it to her first class, Creatures, she found herself in an unusual predicament. The room exploded in a bunch of different sized bubbles, floating and encasing random creatures in bubbles as well as some of her classmates school books. Distraught in embarrassment, she tried to make it a bit of humor, but as soon as she found her professor flying across the room, she knew she was in for a detention.


-space cadet- Kassy (Part of the Anxiety Pose Pack)

My Style

Hair : BarberyumyumL12
Earring : Wednesday[+] ~ Wizard Single Earring – GOLD [Available @ Wizarding Faire]
Top : Nishi: Uniform 2020 Jumper (including tie) [Available @ Wizarding Faire]
Skirt : Nishi: Uniform 2020 Skirt [Available @ Wizarding Faire]
Socks : Nishi: Uniform 2020 Socks [Available @ Wizarding Faire]
Shoes : [Deadwool] Oxford shoes – black
Wand : Nishi: Lamia Wand (Special) [Available @ Wizarding Faire]
Occlamy : Clover – ohcami pet [Available @ Wizarding Faire]
Niffler : Nishi: Shoulder Thief (Smol) [Available @ Wizarding Faire]

Scene featuring Wizarding Faire Items

HEXtraordinary Fiery Phoenix LI:49
..::THOR::.. “Always” Books LI:1
..::THOR::.. Black Flask LI:1
..::THOR::.. Herbalist Scale LI:2
..::THOR::.. Metal Candle Holder LI:2
..::THOR::.. Teal Flask LI:1
..::THOR::.. Wizard Brew A LI:1
..::THOR::.. Wizard Brew B LI:1
..::THOR::.. Wizard Brew C LI:1
..::THOR::.. Wizard Wand LI:1
..::THOR::.. Wizarding Class Bench LI:3
.banana peel. + pygmy hippogriff + {gryffinhouse} LI:2
.banana peel. + pygmy hippogriff + {hufflehouse} LI:2
.banana peel. + pygmy hippogriff + {ravenhouse} LI:2
.banana peel. + pygmy hippogriff + {snakehouse} LI:2
.random.Matter. – Apothecary Cabinet [Brown] LI:5
.random.Matter. – Precarious Plants – Bookstack LI:1
.random.Matter. – Precarious Plants – Bubotuber LI:1
.random.Matter. – Precarious Plants – Devil’s Snare LI:2
.random.Matter. – Precarious Plants – Mimbulous Mimbletonia LI:1
.random.Matter. – Precarious Plants – Watering Can LI:1
Jinx : Mooncalf Animesh Companion (Lower Poly & LI)- add me LI:32
PITAYA – Magic Practice Skyebox NATURAL


ButtonJar – Flying Bubble – single (no cleanup) LI:1
Nutmeg. Home Clutter Rolled Up Rugs LI:9
dust bunny . areca palm plant LI:7
dust bunny . hoya plant LI:2
dust bunny . pilea peper plant LI:4
dust bunny . pink medinilla plant LI:4
dust bunny . potted cheese plant LI:2
dust bunny . potted dragon tree LI:4
dust bunny . tabletop plants . sword leaf LI:2
{anc} bubbles . tight pole 1prim /MC LI:1

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