Herbology Class

New post featuring Sari-Sari and Random.Matter for C88.

C88 Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/8%208/123/170/1086

Sari-Sari Taxi : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kusawa/90/231/1926

My Style

Dress : =Zenith=SpringTime Jeans Long Dress [Available @ C88]


Handheld Sapling : Sari-Sari – The Seed (comes with dirt BoM tattoo) [Available @ C88]
Table : Sari-Sari – Folding Wooden Table [Available @ C88]
Books : .random.Matter. – Herbology Books [Available @ C88]
Watercolors : .random.Matter. – Herbology Sketchbook [Available @ C88]
Potting Accessories : Sari-Sari – Improvised Seedling Tool Can [Available @ C88]
Soil : Sari-Sari – Potting Soil [Available @ C88]
Saplings : Sari-Sari – Seed Starter Tray (Chili Pepper) [Available @ C88]
Mandrake : Apple Fall Mandrake Plant
Pots : .random.Matter. – Herbology Plants [Available @ C88]
Watering Can : Sari-Sari – Tin Watering Can [Available @ C88]
Magnifying Glass : Apple Fall Amelie Magnifiers
Specimen : Apple Fall Unknown Specimen

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